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Q&A – 1

Before starting this blog, I sent out a form asking people for questions and suggestions of what they wanted to see.  A lot of people responded, for which I am grateful, and I’ve read every single contribution.

I’m going to spend some posts giving answers to these questions.  If your question is not answered, that means it was, or will be, addressed in a blog post, or a future Q&A post.

Q: How to get more consistent?  –k3lp_boy

Practice, and practice well.  Start slow and work on typing accurately.  Build your speed up bit by bit.  Observe the most common mistakes you’re making, and focus on improving your technique to remedy those mistakes.  Practice. 🙂

Q: Do you think at 140+ wpm?  -jb1830

Hahaha.  When I type for speed, like 10FF or TypeRacer, I do best when I enter this hyperfocused state, where I’m thinking solely about the text on the screen.  My mind will naturally want to wander to random thoughts: “Who’s in 1st place?” – “Can people in the other room hear me typing?” – “My wrists are kind of sticking to my wrist rest” – “My monitor is wobbling” – “How much time is left in this test?”  Stuff like that.

When I’m thinking about things like that, it takes away from my focus on the words I’m typing.  Being focused on the text, reading ahead to myself, and focusing 100% on typing gets me the best results.  There’s a certain high that comes with being in the zone (which inspired the name of my blog) where you’re just feeeeling it.

Also, I never really remember the text I type.  You know like when you’re sitting in a group and everyone has to take turns reading something out loud and when it’s your turn you focus on reading it and then afterwards you’re like, umm I don’t know what I just read?  It’s like that.

It feels like I enter this machine mode where all I do is process the text with my eyes, and then type it out through my fingers.  So in that sense, I guess, no, I don’t really think at 140+ wpm.  Ideally.

Q: What happens if one’s hands/fingers are smaller/shorter resulting in more hand movement/harder to use pinky?  -CrimsonPelican

A: I guess you could say that’s… the hand you’re dealt.  WHahlkjkjlsawef no but seriously, unless your fingers are insanely short, you’ll still be able to reach the keys without needing to move your hand more than any other person.  Do the best with what you have.  Or use a 40% board.  Contact me if you want me to take a look, I’m curious. 🙂

Send more questions!  Happy typing!

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