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Do you feel stuck with speed?  You’ve been reading along, practicing, and following all these tips, but you feel like your fingers are already moving as fast as they possibly can?  Well, here’s an exercise to help you break through your finger dexterity cap.

Practice bursting short phrases.

Pick a few words you feel comfortable with typing, and practice typing it over and over quickly.

10FF allows you to create your own practice text to type over and over again, and it’ll give you a score based on your speed (and accuracy, of course).

Here are two examples I made that I recommend practicing on.

type something – To focus on bursting long words.  My record is 48 points.

this is how it is – To focus on bursting a bunch of short words.  My record is 61 points.

Get comfortable typing the phrase, keep pushing yourself to get a higher score, and you might be surprised how fast your fingers are able to move.  Don’t forget everything we’ve talked about in previous posts!  All of that will be magnified and super apparent in your burst technique.

Let me know if this helps!

Q&A – 2

Q: Would you be the Steno board guy?  If not, then would you consider talking about them?  -Durnlaw

I am not the steno board guy!  However, I’ve seen a few steno machines at the mechanical keyboard meetups I’ve been to, and they are very interesting!  I think something interesting to note is that they have feather-light switches.  You hardly feel like you’re pressing anything, typing on those.  I haven’t yet tried learning steno, so I couldn’t tell you more about it. You can get crazy speed with steno though..

Q: Are ergo boards worth it for “average” office workers?  -dandel

Yeah, why not?  If you’re typing on a keyboard for any chunk of time, I think it’s totally worth it to have something that’s nice to look at, enjoyable to type on, and comfortable to use for long periods.  Doesn’t that just make sense? 🙂

Q: Ergonomics?  Row profiles?  Ortholinear layouts?  Dvorak/Colemak layouts??  -lots of people

I haven’t spent time typing on many different row profiles (just Cherry and OEM), nor ortholinear boards, nor Dvorak/Colemak layouts.  I am planning on building a Planck ortholinear board soon, so that’ll be my first venture into ortholinear.  I have a Katana60 plate/PCB that I might build soon, which looks like a nifty ergonomic layout.  The topic of ergonomics is a big one, and an important one, which I’m still working on.  I’ll talk about these topics in posts to come, once I actually get more experience with those things.

Q: Is there a natural typing ceiling that you are born with? Sort of like typing IQ?  -oblivioaccebit

This is an interesting question.  I think.. conceptually, yes.  How much that varies from person to person though, I don’t know.  It’d be kind of difficult to research this.  First, each person would have to train their typing skills to a place where they would say they’re at their personal max speed allowed by their physiology.  How would we even determine this??  And also to say that they couldn’t improve from even more practice and training?  And what’s the prime age for a typist anyway??

I think that’s the difficulty of answering this very interesting question.  If it’s anything like other sports, activities, or games, I imagine there’s a natural skill ceiling each person is born with.  Not everyone is the same, after all.  With that said, this blog is here to help each person reach his/her personal fastest typing speed.  🙂

I have no more unanswered questions.  Need more questions.