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The Ctrl Key

When it comes to the world of keyboard shortcuts, there are a lot of them out there.  Here are some useful ones that have to do with typing.  Note: I am only familiar with Windows, but I know Mac has its own key that is analogous to Ctrl, which I believe is Command- use that one. 🙂

The Ctrl key manipulates entire words.  This is probably the single most useful key shortcut to know.  Some usage examples:
Ctrl+Left = Moves the cursor one word to the left
Ctrl+Right = Moves the cursor one word to the right
Ctrl+Backspace = Backspaces the entire prior word
Ctrl+Delete = Deletes the entire next word

In text entry fields, such as 10FF, Discord, Messenger, and the like, Ctrl+A selects all of the text you’ve written.  At which point, you can type over it, backspace it, cut it (Ctrl+X) to save it for later, and so on and so forth.  For example, I will often cut something I’ve typed to “hold my thought” while finishing up the current topic of conversation, then paste it later when appropriate.

Side note: I am a big advocate for using Ctrl in the place of Caps Lock, HHKB-style. 🙂

Hopefully this is helpful!