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Read Ahead

Here is a mentality tip that has helped my speed a good amount:

Always be reading a few words ahead of what you’re typing.

There is a distinct speed advantage gained from reading the text before your fingers arrive at typing it.  Generally speaking, it’s quicker to type from your mind rather than copy text.  Think of it as utilizing your resources most efficiently.  When you’re typing , we can simplify it and say that two things are happening, in this order:

– Your mind processes the words
– Your hands type the words

If you’re doing these steps at the same time for each word you type, that’s inefficient.  If, instead, you stagger these steps, you’ll get a bit of a speed boost because your hands won’t be waiting for your mind to process.

Queueing up the text in your mind, so you have words ready to go, gives your fingers room to run.

As a general rule of thumb (haha), read ahead about 2-3 words, or 10-15 characters, or about 1-2 seconds — depending on how fast you type, of course.  More reading ahead is required as you build your speed.  As you get into the habit of doing this, you’ll get a feel for how much to read ahead.

The reason this is a somewhat difficult and unnatural thing, I believe, is because of our natural tendency to watch the cursor, ensuring the words we’re typing are coming out correctly.  However, when utilizing this technique, the foundation of good accuracy we’ve been building comes into play, and since you have been so diligently practicing it, you can trust your accuracy to carry you through.  🙂

Let me know how it works out for you!

That’s the type for today — here’s the hype.

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